Turkish Airlines Corporate Club meets Asia

On September 19th, Turkish Airlines Corporate Club held an event at the Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Members and other valued guests where treated to lunch and international speakers Abdullah Nergiz, Marketing Director of the New Istanbul Airport project and Avi Liran, the motivational speaker leading the afternoon workshop. The day finished with a ‘Lucky Draw’, followed by networking and drinks. Turkish Airlines has expanded rapidly and a new airport is being built to support the demand. What can we expect from the airline and the new airport?



Cengiz Inceosman, General Manager of Turkish Airlines the Netherlands, opened the event. He runs the operations, service, sales and marketing. He was also appointed to Ethiopia and the past seven years to Singapore. He obtained his Masters degree via University of Stuttgart, and for Turkish Airlines where he lead corporate sales and marketing campaigns.
Inceosman emphasized the scope of their network, in-flight product and fleet of 338 aircrafts. One of Cengiz’s goals is for Turkish Airlines to increase their frequency of the Istanbul-Amsterdam route to 5 daily flights. The only problem is, Istanbul airport has the habit of clogging and it can take hours to get through there.

After a dramatic year, things are going well for Turkish Airlines, especially in August. Both passenger and cargo numbers grew exponentially at Istanbul Atatürk and of other domestic airports. The new biggest airport in the world is being built on an immense piece of land, along the Black Sea. The tender for the project was won by the IGA consortium, Abdullah Nergiz:”…May we need to build another runway, then we have space for it …”, and a holiday resort too. The most recent video of New Istanbul Airport.

The next Corporate Club event 25-26 September is held in Istanbul.

Corporate Club the Netherlands: corporatehelpdesk.nl@thy.com
Web: www.corporateclubconference.com

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