CargoHub launches Loss Prevention Program CCLP.AERO at IATA Cargo Events

During this years IATA Cargo Event Conference in Amsterdam, CargoHub announced the launch of a damage reporting app for handlers as an extension to the Cargo Claim Platform.  With the addition of the damage reporting app, a full Cargo Claims and Loss Prevention full program will be offered to handlers and airlines aiming to push the quality of their air cargo product to the highest level in their worldwide operations. offers a standardized and optimized process, using mobile app technology to create detailed cargo damage reports which can be automatically sent and accessed by Airline in their local, regional or worldwide CCLP account.  The online platform provides direct access to cargo damage information, to review, identify risks and initiate corrective actions to improve the quality of services for all stakeholders involved during transport under the contract of carriage.

The Loss Prevention program was developed to improve the customer experience during the damage recovery process and offer a framework to reduce the number of claims. The Loss Prevention Program is an extension of the Cargo Claims Platform,which provides a  standardized claims process and helps their forwarder and shipper clients to quickly resolve claims in a consistent way across multiple carriers. The solution was recognized by IATA at its first cargo innovation awards.

With continuous focus on innovation, CargoHub’s CCLP program is developed to optimize the cargo claims process and deliver highest service standard, effectively enhancing the quality of customer experience and offer the best solutions for the air cargo industry.

Airlines and Ground Handling companies are invited to join CCLP and to use Free of charge version of the reporting tool. The cargo damage tool is available at and is currently being tested amongst handlers and airlines.

For more information about CCLP:
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For more information about the CargoClaims platform click here

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