Carousel Acquires BDA

UK-based Carousel Logistics which is headquartered in Kent has tak-en over time critical spare parts supplier BDA Logistics Innovation for an undisclosed purchase price. The move
strengthens Carousel’s po-sition in mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland, says the company.

This BDA wet-leased ATR72-200 freighter will bear the name of  Carousel soon – courtesy Carousel
This BDA wet-leased ATR72-200 freighter will bear the name of Carousel soon – courtesy Carousel


In a joint release, both enterprises emphasize the benefits for customers that their going together encompasses. Their clients are offered an enlarged service portfolio following the fusion of
their business activities and through air transport an extend-ed network spanning between mainland Europe, Ireland and the UK. The combined company operates three full freighter aircraft, one
Saab 340 and two ATR 72-200s.The three aircraft, wet leased from different providers, offer together an uplift capacity of 17.3 tons.
Carousel exclusively manages the entire capacity of the three freighters. They operate each night from Monday to Friday on the following sectors:

  • Baden / Germany – Birmingham / UK – Baden
  • Frankfurt / Germany – Birmingham – Frankfurt
  • Maastricht / Netherlands – Dublin / Ireland – Maastricht.

As both companies state, BDA will access Carousel’s proprietary platform Gateway and benefit from their Enterprise Resource Planning tool, enabling full data visibility of business processes.
Asked about financial specifics, Carousel’s management remained tight-lipped.

Ambitious plans
The takeover is fully in line with Carousel’s strategic plan to become the number one choice for high performance industries in the high-value, time critical aftermar-ket parts services sector.
Co-founder and CEO Graham Martin stated after rubber stamping the takeover: “As the demand for service-logistics continues to grow, it is important that we provide the right technology, network
and services that our clients need.”
BDA co-founder Matthias Wellbrock, stated on the occasion of the deal’s signing that “the way in which Carousel has grown so dramatically, has been really impres-sive to watch in recent

Tailored solutions are key
Carousel chairman, Franz-Joseph Miller, added to this: “The rise of industry 4.0 and data-enabled solution-platforms has increased the demand for international high-performance service-logistics
platforms.” He went on to say: “The deal is a vital part in us achieving our goal of becoming Europe’s leader for aftermarket solutions and technology.”
As available transport data prove, the sector of time-critical aftermarket parts services is growing exceptionally fast, requiring customized logistics door-door offerings, including road, air
and rail. One-size-fits-all solutions are no option in this demanding business segment.
Above all, the deal showcases Carousel’s relentless buy, build and partner strategy since receiving a major cash injection from private equity firm Livingbridge in 2013. According to the release,
the BDA takeover adds 50 percent to the Kent, UK-based firm’s annual revenue.

Further acquisitions are likely
As Carousel announces, BDA will be integrated and rebranded into Carousel to reflect its position within the wider group of companies. BDA MD Kevin Turner will remain as Managing Director of the
air division. Also, the company’s operations, locations and account management teams, will remain unchanged. 
It mightn’t be Carousel’s last acquisition. The company says that they continue to look for like-minded businesses to extend the client portfolio, enhance their service offerings and expand their
European footprint.

Heiner Siegmund

Source: Cargoforwarder

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