Dieter – like a Rolling Stone

Dieter Haltmayer, founder and president of Quick Cargo Service and a cult figure in the German and European logistics landscape celebrated his 85th birthday in a glamorous party last
Saturday evening at Frankfurt’s Kulturpalast. Together with his large family, 185 handpicked invitees enjoyed the show, among them celebrities such as LH Cargo CEO Peter Gerber and his spouse,
Hessian State’s former Minister of Transport Lothar Klemm and his wife, Heinz-Peter Becker, Walldorf-Moerfelden’s former mayor, LH Cargo CCO Dorothea von Boxberg and her husband and VP Germany
Achim Martinka of LH Cargo together with his wife, to name but a few.

It was Stephan Haltmayer, Dieter’s son and Managing Director of Quick Cargo Service, who – after welcoming the guests followed by some introductory remarks – gave the eulogy to his father,
flanked by his sisters Heidi and Jennifer.

Father and son in the spotlight
Father and son in the spotlight

This is what Stephan said:
“Our biggest thanks deserves of course our father and chief of our company QCS. Dieter fulfilled his dream, lived and built up the company. He is like the Rolling Stones. Every 5 years he
announces his retirement and then he can’t help but steps back on stage. We are glad about his vividness and energy. Even today, at the age of 85, he is still an enrichment to the company with
his broad experience and his large network. He’s not a sweet talker but his comments are always very direct and mostly deliver thoughtful messages. One has to know him well to understand his
statements between the lines. But his word is still heard today, and his opinion is extremely important to us.

As some of you know, he is a Rhinelander from head to toe. Rhinelanders are known for their humor and straightforwardness. Dieter’s life motto is always: “we celebrate as long as we can. And
once we celebrate, we really let it rip.” And that’s what we are here for today. Thanks for coming enjoy the show and the evening.”


Stephan went on to say: “You ran the 100m in your youth in best time. I am sure that you will also make the 100 year in your best condition. I think you deserve a big applause for what you
have created. We wish you all the best, congratulations on your 85th birthday, good health, and a long life!”

His words still count - Dieter and the large Haltmayer family  -  picture: QCS
His words still count – Dieter and the large Haltmayer family – picture: QCS



Honored in this way, Haltmayer Senior reacted with the following words in his characteristic mode’s manner:


“My dear guests, nobody likes to listen to long speeches, so I’ll be brief.
Thank you for coming to share my 85th birthday. It’s wonderful to celebrate this anniversary together with 45 years of Quick Cargo Service. Thank you! 
Not everyone is allowed to get so old. Looking back, I am very grateful since I lived in an epoch that was unique and cannot be repeated. The spirit of optimism in aviation, in railway
transportation, container shipping, the logistics industry and the ascent of the car industry – they all were and still are an economic miracle, that we as Quick Cargo always did our utmost to
push up front with our limited means, particularly in air and ocean freight but also warehousing. 

I’m very grateful that I was given the opportunity to become a witness of the stunning development in aviation starting from the DC 3 to the A 380. My personal highlight was a flight with a
Concord operated by Air France from Paris to New York in 3 hours 25 minutes.

At the opening of our headquarters in Moerfelden-Walldorf in 1996, our former Minister of Transport for Hesse, Lothar Klemm, was present, announcing that the CargoCity South at Frankfurt
Airport will be built.  He also stated that the future for air freight and logistics will be bright. He was right about that, too.  

Finally, I take the opportunity to thank my family for their great support. Without my wife Maureen, our son Stephan and our daughters Heidi and Jennifer the success story of Quick Cargo
Service would not have been possible. They all contributed to the well-being of the company and still do so today. Except for my beloved wife Maureen, who is unfortunately in need of care and
accommodated in a nursing home in Moerfelden.”

What followed was a banquet in a class of its own.
Afterwards a show with high-ranking artists began, which presented breathtaking tricks and astonishing feats, animating the guests to thundering applauses and bravo calls. It was an unforgettable
event in honor of 85-year-old Dieter Haltmayer.
Heiner Siegmund


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