Air Cargo Belgium – an update from a thriving air cargo association

Air Cargo Belgium, the branch association representing the interests of the Belgian air cargo industry, looks back on a great third year. Many new initiatives were developed and membership increased further. ACB is improving knowledge transfer to and within the air cargo industry in various ways.

Innovation Forum

The second Innovation Forum will take place in June immediately preceding the annual Summer BBQ. This year’s topic is The Internet of Things in the logistics sector. This topic dovetails in well with the recently commenced ACB project: Physical Internet (PI).

Project Physical Internet
The air cargo industry is a fragmented industry. The route consignments travel from shipper to end-user is complex and one where inefficiencies lie in wait. Rising costs, increasing lead times within the chain and increased impact on the environment are all consequences of this. To counter this simple and optimal data exchange between all chain parties is of great importance. Physical Internet can make a positive contribution with respect to cost, quality, efficiency and sustainability. It has already been introduced at the micro level but further steps need to be taken in order to roll it out throughout the entire air cargo industry. ACB, Brussels Airport and the cargo community all support implementing new technologies to achieve further digitalisation in the industry. Within the PI project a vision and roadmap are being jointly developed for the introduction of Physical Internet in the air cargo sector. Pilot case experiences are being taken into account. Participating parties along side ACB are the Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, several air cargo companies and knowledge and technology companies. Their common ambition is to make Brussels Airport the most innovative air cargo hub in the world.

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