Air China Cargo(CAO) to receive first Boeing 777 freighter

Air China Cargo will receive it’s first Boeing 777 freighter Reg. B-2095: featuring the lowest cost of any large freighter; lower fuel consumption, maintenance costs and operating costs. It’s the world’s longest-range twin-engine freighter.

Air China Boeing Freighter 777

Based on the B777-200 passenger version; with new monolithic aluminium floor beams, rigid cargo barrier in the front of the plane, strengthend fuselage near the main deck cargo door and more. It carries a total capacity of 112(Kgs) tons (MTOW 347810Kgs). It will be capable of carrying 27 MD and 10 LD (244cm * 318cm) standard pallets and in bulk 17.0 cu m. It is capable of flying 9070 km with full payload.

CA has been waiting to phase out the 747F’s, the oldest being 24.2 years. The B77F integrates well with the existing B74F cargo operations.

CA currently has 7 active B74F’s and presumably, will be replaced with the more efficient aircraft.

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