AirBridgeCargo: Moving forward to 100% transparency

For years now, Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo has become an integral part of many European airports. The airline has twelve online stations, one of them is Schiphol Amsterdam. The customer service team in the Netherlands consists of 16 employees. Cargo Magazine spoke with Irma Gnodde, head of Customer Service in Europe, about their core values. Operation Due to the recent slots restriction in the Netherlands,AirBridgeCargo was compelled to change over to airports in other countries throughout Europe.

Momentarily, AirBridgeCargo operates 15 flights from Amsterdam, more than 30 from Frankfurt and the number of flights ex-Liège is growing since the Belgian airport is almost completely in operation as their European hub. Departments’ structure The customer service department in every European station is structured in the same way, with the same activities. Irma explains: “Of course, every shipment starts with a quotation. The customer service department is taking care of the shipment during the entire process until ‘the nets are placed on the shipment’. From that moment on, the shipment is handed over to our Operations department.” Honesty is key ithin AirBridgeCargo, transparency and honesty towards the customer areconsidered as core values. From top to bottom, every employee in every department needs to work and communicate with these values in mind.

Irma: “It is not always good news that we need to bring to our customers regarding their shipment. In cases like that, we think it is very important to be honest about what is happening. Masking irregularities or hiding things from our customers, that is not the way we work. After all, ‘honesty is the best policy’ is a common saying that suits us best.”


Read the full article in the online edition of Cargo Magazine on page 26: 

Nederlandse uitgave [ hier]   |  English edition [ here]

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