Cargo Claims " It can be managed more efficient, transparent ánd cheaper "


Cargo Claims " It can be managed more efficient, transparent ánd cheaper "

Even though she’s only 24 years young, she’s not afraid to show what she’s made of. Ending top of her class in Aviation Engineering and Aviation Management, she was actually not planning on working in this industry. “I had no experience in cargo and graduating in it wasn’t my firstchoice. But when my original graduation subject was beingcancelled at the last moment, I was grateful to still get an opportunity at a big airline.” During her six -month graduation project, she researched how incident- & claim management within the airline was handled. It amazed her that there was hardly any transparency and it wasn’t very efficient. “ The error-prone and time consuming paperwork bringing high costs along with it and not just with this airline, but industry wide. Wasn’t there a more clear and efficient way?” This thought was shared by the founder of CargoHub, Raoul Paul, and thus he asked her if she wanted to come work for him after graduation.



More efficiency and cost-saving
She was given full opportunity to develop, implement and introduce a new system for the whole industry. “An online
system, where claims can be managed between chain parties. From airlines to shippers, but even GSA’s, handling agents and forwarders. Next, we make sure the claim ends up at the right party, followed up and handled accordingly.”The advantages are obvious: óne system instead of multiple systems which require different log-ins and approaches,more transparency and less paperwork and thus more efficiency and cost saving. It’s not surprising that companies within the industry have welcomed Kiona with open arms. “Even though the system hasn’t been running very long, more then 20 companies, large and small from different sectors, have been using the Cargo Claims system. Their enthusiasm is amazing. Last week I had a meeting at a local station and as a result we were offered to present our plans at the headquarter. Isn’t that great?”

Her calling within the cargo sector
Kiona is getting more and more enthusiast by her work and she thinks she has found her calling within the cargo sector.
“I never imagined how much fun and interesting the sector could be. Everybody knows each other here, it’s a small
world, dynamic and divers. Not one day is the same, that’s what I enjoy the most. Once you start working in cargo, you never get out. And that’s no exemption for me.”



Ms. Kiona van de Burg
Tel : +316 5571 0435


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