CargoClaims @Air Freight Logistics Vietnam 2019 – Cảm Ơn

Following the 2017 conference, the Organization went beyond expectation to realize this years event. We were invited as panelist speaker to share our knowledge on air freight logistics topics and exhibited the latest developments of our IATA cargo innovation awarded Cargo Claims Loss Prevention platform using mobile app technology.

Twenty-six panelist speakers where invited to discuss ‘ the future of’ E-commerce & air freight and there was an exhibition of booths inside and outside the venue.

A Dinner Party was organized prior to the event, which included a photo session, a show and fish for dinner. On the day of the event, everything looked perfectly organized. From the back of the venue you could see the symmetry of the water bottles on the table-rows in front of you.

Each Forum had interesting topics and good discussions, the lunch was exquisite, overall a valuable experience. AFLVN was a great success and we are thankfull being able to connect with esteemed logistics businesses in the Asia region.

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