CargoHub Cargo E-Claims Portal welcomes Kales Airline Service

Effective 1st of September, Dutch GSSA Kales Airline Services started working with the online Cargo Claims connect 365 software. As of this moment, both Kales and their customers, the freight forwarders and the airlines Kales represents, can experience the advantages of the newly developed integrated platform for claims and incident management.

Kales: smoothening our claim process
Kales Airlines Services is a cargo GSSA with headquarters at Schiphol Airport, representing airlines such as Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Thai Airways. Thom Bekker, Operations Director of Kales Netherlands explains why they started working with the CargoHub platform:




“We believe that transparency and efficiency in claim handling will help us improve our customer services towards both freight forwarders and airlines. The unique method of file sharing is saving time for all stakeholders involved.” “We are proud that Kales Airline Services has been added to the list of users of our platform”, says founder Raoul Paul. Kales Airlines Services is doing business with many forwarders, airlines, ground handlers and trucking companies. Their ambition to improve efficiency and quality will therefore benefit many stakeholders in the supply chain.

Centralized Cargo E-Claims Portal
The Cargo Claims 365 Portal was developed to enable Freight Forwarders, Airlines, GSSA’s and ground handling agents to manage cargo claims more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. The platform streamlines the claim handling process between shipper, forwarding agent, airline and other business partners and improves the speed and quality of claim handling process. The software is updated periodically following the input from users and legal experts and meets quality and compliance standards. Individual stakeholders are offered a custom branded E-Cargo claim portal connected to the platform.

The Cargo E-Claims portal allows companies to manage communication, reporting, documentation, tasks and notes from one single location. Claims are stored into a secured account and necessary tools are available to manage all communication and follow up activities.

The platform can be accessed 365 days per year from any internet-connected computer or mobile device and data is securely stored with a minimum of 10 years.

cargo claims management made simple



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