CargoHub welcomes new customer Fast Forward Freight

Effective per 1 December, Dutch cargo agent Fast Forward Freight, started working with the Cargo Claims connect 365 launched by CargoHub.  As of this moment Fast Forward Freight will experience the advantages of the newly developed integrated platform for claims and incident management.

Fast Forward Freight: fulfilling our mission

Fast Forward Freight was founded in 1995 and is located at Schiphol, Amsterdam (HQ). The company has worldwide coverage with over 150 international partners. Fast Forward Freight has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Robert van Breugel, Managing Director explains why they started working with Cargo Claims: “Our mission is to contribute to the success of our customers. We do that in the most flexible and customer oriented way. We think that the transparency and efficiency in claim handling will help us in fulfilling that mission. The system definitely supports us in delivering first class logistics solutions to our customers.”



Raoul Paul founder of CargoHub says ” The ambition of  Fast Forward Freight to deliver the best customer services and their vision on how to manage compliance within an organization matches the concept of our platform.  We therefore value their input on further improvements of our cloud services and  are more than are pleased that Fast Forward Freight has been added to the list of customers using  our platform ”.

Centralized Cargo E Claims Portal

The Cargo E Claims Portal was developed to enable freight forwarders, airlines, GSSA’s and ground handling agents to manage cargo claims more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. The platform streamlines the claim handling process between shipper, forwarding agent, airline and other business partners and improves the speed and quality of claim handling process. The platform provides continuous updates via the input from users and legal experts.

Cargo E Claims offers a centralized platform where claimants can easily submit their claims to any airline and manage all their claims in their own account. Individual stakeholders are offered a custom branded E Cargo claim portal connected to the platform. When using the Cargo E Claims portal, tracking ID’s, communication, reporting, documentation, tasks and notes can be managed from one single location.  Submitted claims for airlines will be stored into a secured account and necessary tools are available to manage all communication and follow up activities. The platform can be accessed 365 days per year from any location and data are securely stored with a minimum of 10 years.

For more information about the Cargo Claims and incident platform please  contact :

Ms. Kiona van de Burg
Tel : +316 5571 0435




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