CargoMagazine: Cargonaut launches Compliance Checker platform

The number of rules and regulations is growing in the logistics industry. A great variety of compliance rules changes on an irregular basis and differs per country and type of good. This makes the shipment of goods increasingly complex. The manual compliance control of shipments is time-consuming and it is for most companies challenging to keep up to date, and the risk of failures is high. To make the shipping of goods less complicated, Cargonaut has now introduced the Compliance Checker platform.

Richard van Det, Team Lead Services at Cargonaut, explains, “It is very important for companies and organisations to have sufficient knowledge of the compliance rules in order to avoid non-compliant shipments. This is usually not the case, not in the least as it is difficult for most companies to keep up with the rapid changes. The lack of knowledge not only costs a lot of time to finally get things compliant, it can also result in expensive penalties which is a waste of money, as most penalties can be very easily avoided.” “With the Compliance Checker platform,” he continues, “users can verify whether Airway and Houseway bills are compliant with customs rules.”

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