CargoMagazine: Creating the smartest air cargo hub

Smart Cargo Mainport Program (SCMP) aims to make amsterdam airport Schiphol a pioneer in sustainable innovation and an example of airfreight chain optimisation by building a cargo hub that is ready for the future.

Creating the smartest air cargo hub
SCMP wants to provide greater visibility, improve the speed and predictability of cargo and product flows, increase supply-chain value, improve the participants’ asset utilisation and expand the effective catchment area of Schiphol and its cargo stakeholders. Edwin Wenink has been SCMP’s Program Manager since 2019. In an interview with CargoMagazine, he highlights the program’s tasks, goals and challenges.

Q: What is your role in SCMP?
A: “after 12½ years of delivering community projects and programs in the floriculture sector, I have switched to airfreight as the new Program Manager of SCMP. My role is to manage the ambition and vision of SCMP and support all parties to find the right direction to achieve the goals that have been set.”

Q: What are the advantages of SCMP?
A: “SCMP is a community initiative, so it is set up for, and by, all chain partners at Schiphol. In this collaboration, we are able to cover and tackle the main bottlenecks in the air-cargo supply chain. The partnership enables us to find (innovative) solutions to tackle these problems.”

Q: Why was SCMP created?
A: “Nowadays, collaboration and digitisation are the driving forces behind our industry. With the daily increase in customer demands, the air-cargo sector needs to work together ‘physically’ and be able to share and integrate information in order to keep up with demand. The supplychain should be seen as a supply network, in which real efficiencies are gained by sharing information throughout the supply network.

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