ChartAir: a young company with a historical Schiphol name

Why does a renowned GSA want to have a little sister also engaging in air cargo but from a different perspective? With this question, Cargo Magazine spoke with Jasper de Bruijne, Director Global Airline Services with final responsibility for sister ChartAir and Martijn van Liempt, Sales Manager of ChartAir.

1995 marked the start of Global Airline Services in the Netherlands. An office in Belgium was also opened at the request of an important principal. As this proved successful, the GSA copied the set-up and operations and over the years opened offices throughout Europe. At a certain moment the company sought a connection with an Israeli partner whereby increasing its geographical
cover many times over. And then came the economic crisis …

Think tank
Everything happened in the air cargo world: airlines were declared bankrupt, fused or sought other ways of cooperating in order to survive. A few GSA’s could not keep their heads above water and went bankrupt. Global didn’t wait: a think-tank was formed with colleagues from the various offices, complemented by external advisers knowledgeable and experienced in the air cargo industry. Various subjects were discussed by the think-tank: would the ‘traditional’ GSA even exist in a couple of years time? Should the focus be on other services? Should our service package
be expanded?

Jasper: “We realised that with several large “flag carriers” on board, and as each of these had experienced turbulent growth during our representation, we could call ourselves lucky. Finally
the decision was taken: we would add on another entity which would primarily be devoted to brokerage.”

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