Continuation of growth and success through collaboration

In recent years, the air cargo supply chain has moved in an interesting and very welcome direction – becoming much more cooperative and collaborative. There are many reasons why this trend has emerged, and it is making an impact in many areas of our business.

First and foremost, collaboration is essential to our continued growth and success. With the logistics business changing rapidly, the most effective way to serve customers’ evolving needs is to enhance communication between all participants in the supply chain. There are dedicated and creative people working in all segments of the business – manufacturers, forwarders and carriers
– and we need all these perspectives to develop optimum solutions for new routes and products. The more we all listen and learn about what our partners need and can contribute, the better our service to customers will be.

Nowhere is this dialog more important than in the growing pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Transport of personalized or precision medicine, with products tailored to an individual patient’s characteristics and health factors demand flawless operational execution, so GDP, CEIV and other certifications and standards are becoming stricter.

Another area of growth that demands innovation is e-commerce. We know we have the global capacity and experience to deliver shipments securely and safely. But we need to enhance our real-time tracking technologies and work with other transport modes to develop first mile and final mile solutions. Chain partners at Schiphol endorse the benefit of and the need for mutual cooperation. We wholeheartedly support initiatives being developed in this area from the Sector Council Airlines. Media such as Cargo Magazine provides an insight into the diversity enriching our industry and contributes to mutual cooperation.

United Cargo collaborates more and more with other parties in de logistics chain. Joint ventures with All Nippon Airways and Lufthansa Cargo are focused on delivering benefits to the customers.

Jacques Leijssenaar
Vice President Sector Council Airlines ACN;
Vice President Cargo Sales EMEIA United Airlines Cargo

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