e Cargo Claims Portal is moving towards 1000 claim records per month

The e Cargo Claims Portal is moving towards a processing average of 1000 records per month since the start earlier this year. Forwarders are offered an easy way to submit, track and monitor their claims for any airline into one account within a centralized platform.

Although a worldwide marketing campaign has not started yet, it seems that the word is spreading around as forwarders all over the world are finding the portal on the internet and are starting to the e Cargo Claims Portal. ” A lack of transparency in the claim handling process and in some cases poor communication between stakeholders is probably one of the main reasons why an increased number of customers consider our platform as an added value for their business process “ says Kiona van de Burg Product Manager at  CargoHub.



A unique aspect of the platform is that all claim record information is made available within the platform for Airlines as well. Any airline with an access code to the platform will have instant overview of claims submitted by their customers and are able to manage the claims within their own account.  Transparency and quality on the claims handling process can significantly be improved between stakeholders such as shippers, forwarders and airlines by using the platform.  Customer portals can be activated allowing companies to easily integrate the features of the platform within their own corporate website.

The platform can be used free of charge ( basic features ).
Premium account are offered with 50% discount rates until 31 december 2014 to airlines and freight forwarders.

CargoHub BV
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Tel : 0031-(0)20-6586220
Information:  info@cargohub.nl



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