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When talking about Dutch air cargo carriers, KLM is the first that comes to mind. After Maersk selling their stake in MP, the European commission approving KLM to be full owner of it, and AF later becoming owner of KL, the ‘alliance’ is now called Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo.Martinair Cargo has a long, reliable and somewhat expensive history of service from Buenos Aires to Hong Kong. With Schiphol as their hub, they profit from their location; they can park all aircraft directly in front of their warehouse.

They currently have 5 Boeing 747’s (4x(lease from KLM) Extended Range Freighter / 1 normal range) and  6 MD11’s (3x Convertible Freighter / 3x Freighter). There used to be 7 MD11’s when PH-MCY joined the fleet from Swissair. The ‘6th’ MD11, PH-MCT was bumped not long ago.

In the old days, their aircrafts shared routes, depending on the demand of capacity. This meant the MD11 could also be found in Hong Kong.

Post 2004, MP replaced the old version 747’s for -400’s, and they started dominating the routes to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. NBO(Nairobi), known for their main export of fruits and vegetables, has also been on high capacity demand and thus in need of the 747; also due to their fuel capacity which in comparison to the MD11, doesn’t have to make a fuel stop in Northern Africa in order to reach Europe.

Miami is the only destination they connect with regularly in North America. The other destinations in Central and South America and are flown via TFS(Tenerife South) due to the cheaper fuel prices.

This week, MP’s first and oldest MD11 freighter, registration PH-MCW with a maximum take off weight(MTOW/MTOM) of 287.100kgs, will return to service after planned maintenance.
As long as Lufthansa Cargo is not in possession of the necessary paperwork in order to connect at AMS, this will be one less competitor for our only Dutch air cargo carrier flying the MD11 trijet, besides the fact that MP has extended certification to fly more variety of DG.

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