MASkargo Pioneers Cargo Claims at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS)


MASkargo Pioneers Cargo Claims at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS)

27 January 2014

Malaysia is among the world’s 20 largest trading countries and member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). They deal in more Dollars than Ringgits (national currency), yet politics persist in making bilateral agreements and therefore having less Freedoms in air transport, hence the Deregulation act. Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport (KUL) is hub of their national airline, Malaysia Airlines (MAS/MH).

This airline has an eye for detail; digitizing processes and efficient shipping (hands-on information on building aircraft pallets). The move by MASkargo in requiring mandatory submission of electronic Air Waybills by Cargo Agents, is in line with the national agenda of implementing paperless administration. This also paves the way for the ratification of the Montreal Protocol 4 by the Malaysian Government. This could be a reason for Malaysia Airlines to implement Cargo Claims.


Cargo Claims service online
Cargo Claims, the Dutch based E-claims software, is user friendly, has up-to-date & instant file access and even online customer support. It provides transparency to the user and by digitizing your claim online, you will be able to track and modify your status information from any location.

E-commerce & E-Perolehan
E-Commerce encompasses all business operations and transactions based on the communication via electronic media. Their major activities include:

  1. Online -Bookings
  2. Online -Tracking
  3. Online -Air Waybill
    This paperless process has been extended to include mandatory electronic submission of AWB at *house level* for Malaysia Airlines shipments destined for Indian and United States ports. The inspection, weighing and acceptance of cargo, must be completed prior to the processing of AWB and payment charges settlement at the documentation office.
  4. Online -Air Waybill Stock Distribution & Submission
  5. Online -CRM
  6. Online -distribution
  7. Online -pricing

E-Perolehan is an end-to-end procurement system that uses a secure online environment that allows Government agencies and suppliers to trade efficiently and confidently.

CEO Mohd Yunus Idris in Transport Weekly:
“MASkargo, the freight arm of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), has launched MASlift, a premium air cargo service offering guaranteed uplift or money-back with priority care for urgent delivery within its network, according to the Shipping Gazette. The premium uplift provides options for customers with urgent shipments and adds to its suite of services for niche markets such as its recent venture into cool chain for food and pharmaceutical shipments.  “With MASlift, we promise top priority uplift or a 100 per cent refund in the unlikely event of a shipment being offloaded from the booked flight,” he said. MASkargo’s recent offer of “Flying Cars and Motorcycles” has also been receiving an encouraging response from the market, he said.”

E-Freight Program.
The E-Freight Partnership Program of MASkargo, is a strategic e-commerce framework that aims to develop a paperless environment, that will enable collaboration among various key players of the logistic industry to adopt electronic channels as the way of transacting business processes with each other.

MASkargo started using the FPX System.
MASkargo was recently recognized as one of the early adopters for Malaysia’s first real time online inter-bank Internet payment gateway: Financial Process Exchange (FPX). FPX, a national project, facilitates online payments for e-commerce transactions in particular B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) transactions on a secure and multi-bank platform.

Malaysia Airlines has very modern fleet including the A330 freighter and the A380 aircraft. In 2013 they flew more than 500.000 tonnes of cargo thru their main hub KUL.

Their cargo facilities include:

  • Advanced Cargo Centre (ACC)
  • Priority Business Centre (PBC)
  • Perishable Centre
  • Animal Hotel



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