Press release 28 January 2015

After the worst years of economic downturn, cargo at Athens starts 2015 on an optimistic note. With passenger traffic up to over 20%, 2014 saw a steady improvement in cargo traffic of 3.3%, with December alone reaching an encouraging +4.9%, a modest but a positive trend.

As part of the airport’s improved facilities for shippers and consignees, Customs will shortly launch its electronic payment of duties and taxes, allowing payment by bank transfer as well as keeping open accounts with the Ministry of Finance. The renewal of ground handling services will commence in March. This covers freight and mail, baggage, ramp, aircraft fuelling and catering ramp services. The current handlers include – Goldair Handling, Skyserv Handling Services(previously Olympic Handling) and Swissport Hellas Cargo.



Further changes are announced at DHL which will maintain and upgrade its terminal but outsource ramp activities to Swissport Hellas Cargo.

Alexis Sioris, Manager Cargo Development at Athens International Airport expresses his confidence in Greece’s transport potential. “With the approach of the Air Cargo Europe show in Munich, we are once again showing our customers that Athens is as a multi-modal cargo hub, which has been a major ambition since the airport was opened in 2001. Economic pressure has encouraged us all to raise our game and  combine  strengths and be more pro-active in generating new business. Our modern airport infra-structure, plus excellent world-connected port, backed by top class handlers and forwarders, gives us the tools for the job”.

For further information contact alexis.sioris@aia.gr or Michael.sales@imccreations.com




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