Purchase of 3,517 ultra-light Kevlar containers by LATAM Airlines Group

LATAM Airlines Group will reduce its C02 emissions by 10 thousand tons per year by changing containers The new fleet of ultra-light containers will save 1 million gallons of fuel and USD 3.2 million per year. The airline group hopes to reduce its CO2 emissions by nearly 60 million tons over the next 5 years. The airline group has invested USD 9.3 million in the purchase of the new containers. LATAM Airlines Group and its cargo affiliates will be the first in the cargo industry to have a 100% Kevlar fleet.

Santiago Chile, April 2013.- LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates announced the purchase of 3,517 ultra-light Kevlar containers from Nordisk Aviation Products. These modern containers will replace all of those currently used in the company’s cargo operations as well as those of LAN CARGO and its affiliates, MasAir, LAN CARGO Colombia and TAM Cargo. These air containers make it possible to transport large cargo volumes in a single unit, as well as helping to mobilize different types of cargo more rapidly, efficiently, and with greater security and control. The material used to manufacture the containers – Kevlar – has many advantageous properties,
including high impact resistance and excellent stability when exposed to extreme temperatures. Kevlar® is 5 times stronger than the same amount of steel by weight, providing an ideal combination of ultra lightness and strength.

“We are very happy with this new acquisition, as it represents a major investment being made by our companies –more than USD 9 million- that will yield savings in fuel and maintenance as well as reducing annual CO2 emissions by 10 million tons annually”, stated Fernando Poitevin, Vice-President of Operations for LAN CARGO. The Kevlar® containers are 30% lighter than the current aluminum containers, and are made of the same material used to manufacture bulletproof vests as well as other products such as underwater cables and space vehicles, and in military applications, including the aeronautical industry.

This agreement supports the long-term commitment of LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates to improving fuel efficiency and thus lowering our environmental impact. The new containers will be used in several aircraft models included in LATAM fleets and those of its affiliates, including the Boeing 777F-300 cargo plane, one of the most modern and efficient aircraft in the industry.

About LATAM Airlines Group S.A.
LATAM Airlines Group S.A. is the new name given to LAN Airlines S.A. as a result of its association with TAM S.A. LATAM Airlines Group S.A. now includes LAN Airlines and its affiliates in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, and LAN Cargo and its affiliates, as well as TAM S.A. and its subsidiaries TAM Linhas Aereas S.A., including its business units TAM Transportes Aereos del Mercosur S.A., (TAM Airlines (Paraguay)) and Multiplus S.A. This association creates one of the largest airline groups in the world in terms of network connections, providing passenger transport services to about 135 destinations in 22 countries and cargo services to about 144
destinations in 27 countries, with a fleet of 317 aircraft. In total, LATAM Airlines Group S.A. has more than 53,000 employees and its shares are traded in Santiago, as well as on the New York Stock Exchange, in the form of ADRs, and Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, in the form of BDRs. Each airline will continue to operate under their current brands and identities.


For any inquiry of LAN or TAM, please visit www.lan.com or www.tam.com.br, respectively. Further information at www.latamairlinesgroup.net

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