Qatar Airways Aims to Be Second Largest Air Cargo Airline

Chief executive of Qatar Airways, Akbar AL Baker, has publicly stated that his goal for the company is to become the second largest air cargo airline in the world. He explained that the company has a clear vision and they know that they are going to be one of the top five air cargo companies within the next five years.

Baker spoke at the Doha World Cargo Symposium, and went on to say that while the planners behind his company are aiming for the top five, he is aiming to be the second or third largest air cargo operator in the world. According to Baker, every year the amount of cargo that Qatar Airways transports increases by 20% making this a very realistic goal. The goal should be helped by the fact that this April Qatar will open up a new airport dedicated to just cargo.

It seems that his ambitious goal has arrived t the right time since the IATA (International Air Transport Association) reported that during January the amount of air freight overall increased by about 5%.

Chief Executive for IATA, Tony Tyler, explained that the air cargo freight business is starting to look up again, but it is still too early to say that it is a definite upward trend. Overall, freight traffic has shown a slight rise when compared to December of 2011 when traffic was down by about .5%.

In January the fastest growing region of the world for air cargo freight was the Middle East. In fact, the entire region saw a 16.3% increase compared to the amount of air cargo to be transported in the Middle East in 2012.

At the global conference Tyler also stated that air cargo is a very key player in the global economy given the trillions of dollars that are transported in goods on a annual basis. He noted that the industry can be tough however and the last two years have been a struggle for some air cargo companies.

Each of the new A330 air cargo freight planes will be able to carry 70 tonnes and are able to fly further differences. This allows them to be 40% more efficient then the Airbus A300s that the company is currently relying on. Overall, the new addition should help increase the freight capacity of Qatar Airways by about 35%.

At the moment the top air cargo freight lines in the world are United, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Korean, and Emirates.

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