Remarks of Tony Tyler at the World Cargo Symposium in Doha

IATA Asks Air Cargo Supply Chain Partners Propel Business Forward

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) has asked airline partners and airlines themselves to help propel business forward by working within the air cargo supply chain to make the business much more competitive. They have also asked the partners and airlines as well as others in the air cargo supply chain to address problems when it comes to sustainability, safety, and overall security.

Air cargo plays a large role in the global economy as about $5 trillion in goods are transported around the world every year. This number is equivalent to about a third of the world trade. Airlines also depend on air cargo transport contracts as they account for about 12% of the overall industry revenues.

However, as the airline industry continues to suffer downfalls so does the air cargo industry in general. The past two years have been hard on the air cargo carriers and partners as they have seen a two percent decrease in yields and air cargo demand.

The good news is that there have been some preliminary signs that the air cargo business may soon see an upturn in business. IATA CEO and Director General, Tony Tyler, stated that in order to take advantage of this opportunity the entire supply chain must come together and increase the competition within the industry.

Tyler spoke at the World Cargo Symposium in Doha, Qatar this past week and stated that there are aa few priorities that need to be adopted worldwide.

First Tyler emphasized that air cargo processes need to be modernized. He explained that he would like to see a paperless system in order to help increase the overall competitiveness of the industry. He mentioned several electronic documentation advances such as the Montreal Convention 1999 and the e-Air Waybill.

Second, he called for better security within the air cargo supply chain and stated that the IATA has asked governments to create mutually adopted frameworks that will make security enforcement an easier task. Tyler added that states need to recognize the great need for strong security regimes that are closely regulated.

Finally, Tyler highlighted that safety should be the very first priority within the air cargo business. He stated that all regulations regarding dangerous goods need to be followed by every airline to erase concern over the transport of dangerous items such as lithium batteries. He explained that there will be no further need for new regulation if every member of the air cargo supply chain makes sure to follow current regulations.

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