Schiphol Smartgate Cargo program reaches new milestone

Schiphol, 20 september 2016
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Dutch Customs Authority have signed a bilateral agreement in another step forward of the long-term program Schiphol Smartgate Cargo (SSGC). The agreement signed by Jonas van Stekelenburg, Director Cargo Schiphol and Jan Kamp, Director Customs Schiphol Cargo, makes airside easier accessible for customs personnel via the ‘biod-lock’ inside the customs Joint Inspection Center.




“It is unique that we’ve been able to create a secured passage in a Government building, which allows you to transfer from airside to landside and vice versa” says Program Manager Renate de Vries, who has been appointed to this program by the Dutch Customs Authority.” We see to it that the ‘biod-lock’ is used only by our dedicated personnel and who are involved in the physical checks of air freight”.

Exception not a rule
Jan Kamp adds: “Let us be clear in that this is an exception, rather than a rule. From a functional point of view, it is easier for Customs officers to access airside via the biod-lock. The Dutch Customs Authority realizes the exception and takes the responsibility very serious and we make sure our officers live by the rules.”
“And let’s not forget ‘Trust’.” Says Jonas van Stekelenburg. “Of course using the ‘biod-lock’ carries a certain responsibility, but it starts with mutual trust”. We, Schiphol Airport and the Customs Authority, among others, have built mutal trust through our combined cooperation in the Schiphol SmartGate Cargo program.

Advisory bodies
The agreement was also realized by the advice of both Military Police and the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Safety (NCTV). Their input is highly valued because of the (safety) rules and regulations involved in the agreement.

The program
Schiphol SmartGate Cargo is an initiative of the Dutch Customs Authority (who represent other involved Government bodies), Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN), KLM Cargo and Schiphol Airport. The goal of the program is to speed-up, create a more efficient and safer air cargo handling process at the airport.
The Joint Inspection Center is where Logistics and Authority physically meet. The multi-functional building includes an expedition floor, scan hall, (vehicle) storage, investigation areas, animal quarantine, phytosanitary (plants) facility, offices and a multi-disciplinary training center. The building was designed to increase the air cargo flow and integrate processes using the latest innovative technical solutions.

For more information about Schiphol Smartgate Cargo: Albert Faber,

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