Subject to change, ..or claims


Subject to change, ..or claims

It doesn’t take an Airbus sliding off the runway, to know winter is officially here.
As soon as the arctic wind hits the airport, the “airport” switches to “Winter OPS”. Meteorology and science become much more interesting and a huge challenge under these kinds of circumstances. When the airport shuts down, express finding a place to relax cause there are thousands of people to stay..  

With safety as the highest priority, the “Ramp rats” work in the surrounding freeze. Transportation and Logistics are being bench pressed,  time is even more of the essence. When the “snow” hits the fan, there is a chance your aircraft will divert due airline regulations; even the pilots may not be fully certified to land in low visibility/RVR’s(Runway visual range). A passenger may be rebooked on other means of transportation, but with Cargo, new arrivals and existent, it’s reprioritized. There are less cargo aircraft available i.c.t. passenger aircraft.

Cargo = $$$. If it goes by air, it must have priority. Cargo is delivered for build up or direct loading, in the three most common ways:

  • In transit from another airline
  • logistic warehouse to handler/airline
  • from the shipper/factory directly.

You can imagine the exposure a parcel is subject to, before it’s even flying.

Since the beginning, claims have been a lot of paperwork.  New on the market is Cargo claims: an Innovative webbased claim management system, user friendly and with a secure, 24/7 accessibility. CargoHub developed the platform to enable freight agents and airlines,  gssa’s and ground handling agents to manage claims and incidents more efficiently and cost-effectively .

You can find more information about there service on their website :

So, make time by innovating your claim management, travel efficiently and know what to expect when you fly during the winter season(i know all about it)!

A. Arriens

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