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Handling of cargo claims.. Ten years ago this was still “mandarin science” which could only be solved with lawyers. Until November 2003: that’s when the Montreal Convention treaty entered into force..

This turned out to be a juridical revision of claims handling. Transparency was born: the air carrier was to be held responsible for damages which occurred during air transport. And also more transparency about liability: the kilogram limit was set in stone, even during reckless handling by the air transporter. Nowadays, the Montreal Convention has been fully recognized and implemented in more than 100 countries. See which one here: https://verdragenbank.overheid.nl/nl/Verdrag/Details/009216

In short, hardly any more judicial tug of war, but the paperwork stayed: HAWB, MAWB, AVC/CMR, ACN paper, receipt airline handler, survey report, Montreal protest, submitting a claim, correspondence, follow up, timebar monitoring, and before you know it, you’ve created a thick paper file.

There has to be a quicker, more efficient, more precise, clearer, and user friendly to manage claims paperless, digitizing the process. The answer is: Cargohub E-cargo claims. Digitized efficiency in handling and finalizing your air, sea & land freight E-claims, founded by Mr. Raoul Paul .  As a computer- and technology aficionado and I had the chance to experiment with the application. I was very satisfied.”


A few main points
The user account stands central in all actions in the application. Shipper, forwarder, GSA, Ground Handling company, and airlines can access & manage claims via a shared portal, online. Access is secured but permission can be given to third parties. Encrypted data storage, mirrored at two data locations in the Netherlands – in line with American security standards. Cargohub has a strict privacy policy. Only the account user provides data entry, not Cargohub.

The database provides defined and open data-fields, where the user can fill-in and add information to complete the E-claim. The format is user friendly and in line with current claim practices, which makes its use intuitive and a person can immediately start using the software.

There are enough possibilities to upload pdf or xml file types. Think of specialist reports, commentary on transport documentation, commercial invoices, further correspondence, etc.

Every claim towards an air- carrier starts with a written (Warschau of Montreal) protest: without a (timely) notification or an incomplete or faulty protest your rights to claim the carrier are revoked. You don’t have to worry about that: E-cargo claims generates a pre-written protest and at the press of a button, the system sends the notification. The text format is something I created during my years in this business.

Also trucking of air cargo and interline carriage can be managed in the system. Reporting and sorting capabilities are huge. Claims can be accessed per carrier and show their actual status, which can generate automatic reports. Reminders can be sent, also in bulk. The user can update and keep track of notifications to the client. The system can generate tasks and e-mails which can be linked to your Outlook or in XML, and store phone messages.

Briefly summarized:  : accessibility and intuitive usage makes it an easy system to manage your E-claim, getting rid of a lot of the hassle. I support this system and think this is what the transport world has been waiting for to handle most air freight claims.

Mr. Frans Vreede



The platform can be used free of charge ( basic features ).
Premium account are offered with 50% discount rates until 31 december 2014 to airlines and freight forwarders.

More information please visit www.CargoHub.nl or www.CargoClaims.aero



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