Exclusive – EMO-Trans lands scoop in South Africa, replacing Panalpina as partner of Sabenza Forwarding

Sabenza Forwarding, an offshoot of the South African multi-billion conglomerate, Bidvest, and logistics company EMO-Trans are joining forces. Both players will make their partnership
officially known today (4 November).

The deal follows the takeover of Sabenza’s long-time partner Panalpina by DSV, provoking the breakup of their tie. This enabled EMO-Trans to jump in and collaborate with Bidvest/Sabenza
Forwarding, replacing Panalpina.

When visiting Bidvest’s homepage and clicking on the South Africans logistics company’s air freight services, a large Boeing 747 freighter pops up, bearing the well-known Panalpina livery.
It can be expected that this image, illustrating the 46 year-long partnership between Bidvest and the Swiss logistics company, will soon be replaced by another motive; perhaps a visual showing
the logos of the Johannesburg-based company and the logistics agent, EMO-Trans.
This would make sense because, starting today (4 November), both service providers are joining forces and offering their services on a global scale.

New brand and look
In a press release, Bidvest confirms the swap of partnership from Panalpina to EMO-Trans. In consequence, the company belonging to the large South African conglomerate of the same name and
employing around 110,000 staff, will take on a new look and change its brand from Bidvest Panalpina Logistics to Bidvest International Logistics, effective early 2020. The split follows
Panalpina’s integration into Danish company DSV, ending some old alliances as evidenced here and the beginning of new collaborations.

Bidvest operates a fleet of cargo aircraft  -  company courtesy
Bidvest operates a fleet of cargo aircraft – company courtesy


EMO jumps in, filling a gap
The vacuum following the takeover of Panalpina by DSV, offered EMO-Trans the opportunity to jump in and partner with the South African company. “The deal cements the fact that at least in
South Africa we follow in the footsteps of Panalpina,”
Bernhard Stock, head of air freight at EMO-Trans is pleased. It might not be the last scoop since the redistribution of Panalpina’s
market shares, which DSV will not be able to take over on a one-to-one basis, has just begun.
EMO-Trans chairman, Jo Frigger, proudly comments: “Bidvest is strategically positioned for further growth and will continue to provide superior and innovative services to its customers.”
The companies provide end-to-end supply-chain solutions across the world. This includes tailored solutions in air and ocean freight, warehousing, road transports and customs brokering in all
major industries.

Based on commercial terms
Through this exclusive partnership, Bidvest’s global reach will extend to 335 network offices in more than 140 countries, with the vast majority of them belonging to EMO-Trans’ widespread global
network. The “customer centric focus and service offering of EMO-Trans has made them the perfect choice,” lauds Bidvest.
Both sides point out that an equity exchange is not an issue. “Our cooperation is exclusively based on commercial terms,” emphasizes manager Stock.
EMO-Trans is not an unknown name to Bidvest. For the past twenty years, Bidvest’s minority stakeholder (11%), the Makana Investment Corporation (MIC), and particularly their logistics unit
Sebenza Forwarding, have cooperated. “Through this relationship, EMO-Trans has developed an in-depth understanding of the South African market and logistics landscape,” states Bidvest
that will now be intensified and globalized.
Founded 1988 as investment company, Bidvest has developed into a leading business-to-business trading, distribution and service group, operating through seven divisions: Services, Freight,
Automotive, Office and Print, Commercial Products, Financial Services and Electrical. The Group holds investments in Comair (27.2%) and Mumbai International Airport (6.75%).


The project will be officially launched on 9th November
Further to this, the South African company points out that it has set up a team of Supply Chain Engineers who “analyze, redesign and optimize customer’s logistics processes.” It can be
expected that this will be done in close coordination with the experts of EMO-Trans. 
Details of the new alliance, specifically its joint service offerings to the market, will be announced at a customer event in Johannesburg on 9th November. The highlight of the event will be a
symbolic handshake, visually cementing the cooperation for everyone taking part.

Heiner Siegmund


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