Exclusive – Fraport Cargo: Kreutel Goes, Conrady Comes

Staffing change at the air cargo division of Fraport AG. Max Conrady has been nominated head of freight development and management of the Rhine-Main operator. He will take over his new
duty beginning November. The 43-year-old succeeds Felix Kreutel who climbs up the career ladder to become Area Manager Real Estate.

Felix Kreutel goes
Felix Kreutel goes

It’s the third change in personnel at the top deck of Fraport’s cargo unit within less than 12 months. Last October, former freight chief Dirk Schusdziara, who had taken on other influential
tasks within the Fraport Group, was replaced by Felix Kreutel. Now Kreutel is next in line exiting freight, soon handing over responsibilities at one of Europe’s busiest cargo airports to Max
This reminds one of a merry-go-round turning faster and faster.
When taking a second look, however, it shows that it was Kreutel who has built the airport’s freight division from scratch during the last five or so years.
But when it came to decide on the leading position in mid-2015, Fraport preferred nominating Schusdziara who at that time was placed above Kreutel in the internal hierarchy of the Fraport Group,
presumably due to seniority.


Max Conrady comes  - photos Fraport
Max Conrady comes – photos Fraport

Rough road ahead
Whatever the case, Conrady is facing a lot of tough challenges, pushing forward projects initiated by his two predecessors to bring the different initiatives started by Schusdziara and Kreutel to
sustainable results.
Not really an enviable task since a number of forwarding agents and cargo airlines complain consistently about traffic jams happening at CargoCity South, handling problems and congested
warehouses, leading to delays of shipments and a loss of reputation for the entire airport and its users.
“What’s urgently needed is a leading figure that puts the different and often fragmented pieces in air freight at FRA’s CargoCity South together, orchestrating activities such as customs
clearance, ramp control, ground handling between airlines, forwarders, authorities, handling agents and cargo community members that are doing business in Frankfurt,” urges CEO Stephan Haltmayer
of forwarding firm Quick Cargo Service.


Driverless cargo trailers are tested at FRA in terms of reliability and suitability for everyday use  -  courtesy: Fraunhofer IML
Driverless cargo trailers are tested at FRA in terms of reliability and suitability for everyday use – courtesy: Fraunhofer IML

Plain talking
Haltmayer is by no means a single voice but one of many demanding higher process efficiencies. How to better the operational processes is a hot topic standing on the agenda of the upcoming annual
conference on air freight developments held at the House of Mobility and Logistics (HOLM) near Rhine-Main Airport from 30-31 August. Organizer of the event is the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, a
broad alliance including – among others – delegates of freight airlines, handling agents, scholars, integrators, Fraport Cargo, and IT providers.
The tight program includes – among more than a dozen other topics – the presentation of DHL’s latest “Trend Radar 4.0”, first-hand information on self-driving “Smart Air Cargo Trailers,” and
preliminary results of IT provider Dakosy’s “Fair@Link” solution to equalize the traffic caused by trucks going to or coming from Frankfurt’s CargoCity South. As CargoForwarder Global was told
beforehand, Dakosy’s data analysis provides encouraging findings.

Heiner Siegmund


Source: Cargoforwarder

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