Ground handler LUG pacts with Delta in FRA

Service provider LUG air cargo handling will handle Delta shipments at Rhine-Main Airport effective January 15, 2020. The acquisition adds substantially to LUG’s volumes processed at
their Frankfurt warehouse due to the large lower deck capacity offered out of FRA by the Atlanta-based carrier. From there the carrier flies three times daily to Detroit, Atlanta, and New York
with a mix of A330 and B767 aircraft.

Gaining Delta as new customer in Frankfurt reinforces LUG’s position as the main handler of airlines based in the USA or Canada and which serve Germany.
DL has been an LUG customer in Munich for more than five years. The service quality rendered there, particularly for DL’s wide range of premium products, including the high level of automation,
has obviously convinced the U.S. carrier to also choose LUG as future handling partner at Rhine-Main.

Playing with fire
All in all, the USA continues to be an important export market for the German industry. This accounts specifically for the automotive, machinery, and pharmaceuticals sector, despite the current
political turbulences and repeated boycott threats by the Washington administration.
Should Mr Trump impose tariffs on German produced cars and car parts bound to the USA, he would risk retaliations by the EU, hurting the U.S. economy massively since Germany is the second biggest
market for U.S. goods in Europe – after the UK.

Soon, LUG will be responsible for handling Delta shipments at FRA  -  company courtesy
Soon, LUG will be responsible for handling Delta shipments at FRA – company courtesy


Unique selling point
With their VAL Aircargo Center, LUG claims to be the only ground service agent at FRA’s Cargo City South offering the market the handling of valuables. Further to this the management stresses
that their newly built Health Care Center (HCC) is CEIV certified. In addition to Frankfurt, LUG runs warehouses at Munich and Hamburg.
In addition, the ground handler cooperates with other agents and business partner offering handling services to airlines at different European airports.

UZB stays on board
Further to this, the LUG management announces that their handling and service contract with Uzbekistan Airways has been renewed. The central Asian airline cooperates with LUG since 2010.
Uzbekistan Airways offers two to three services (depending on season) per week between Frankfurt and Tashkent with a mix of Boeing 767 and 787 aircraft.
According to the LUG website Reference List, the handler with Delta on its books, now has ten airlines under contract in FRA. The largest being Korean Air Cargo, but also Emirates and Etihad. In
Hamburg there are nineteen listed and in Munich six, of which three are U.S.-based carriers.

Heiner Siegmund


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