Happy New Year ! New Year, New column!


Happy New Year ! New Year, New column!








Here’s my TOP 5: anomalies & velocities 2013 & 2014

1. Papers please!
It took the US and NL – 48 years – to make up the (Original) Visa Waiver Program (VWP), and now they want you to pay. Overregulated (for one)! This does not help the process of traveling. You can OPT OUT of a body-scan, but from personal experience, this will piss them off.

2. Regimes are blocking the ASEAN market!
It is inevitable to come to terms. China is the biggest player, with CZ as the main operator. Does the alliance profit from this?

3. 2013: A B777-200 crashed at SFO; touching Story of a flight attendant.
I have my doubts about some FA’s (it is still safe to fly) but don’t underestimate them, there are many brave, dedicated, joyful and intelligent FA’s out there. An article on wltx.com discribes one of them on board this flight.

4. “Chinalux”: Ménage à management.
Cargolux doesn’t have to learn Chinese, they are Chinese. The new main shareholder is an investment company from Eastern China. Not many know how to do business in China, nor succeed. 我买你的公司 (Google it).

5. Etihad Airways and Emirates are dominating the Indian market.
Airlines keep competing for more slots: the Indian market is still booming. Even though it’s Air India’s monopoly, low cost carriers (LCC’s) have been chipping away from that profit. I’m pro Etihad (located in Abu Dhabi, and mother of the Emirates). Etihad has so much money, the first 10 years of their existence they didn’t make any profit and they have an “aircraft park” full of new aircraft!! “Etihad” means “Gold Uncle” in Arabic.

Honorable mentions:

* 2013 European Space Agency launched a Billion pixel camera into space; Yes, there are even more lights out there
* 2013 Airbus on May 31st, went airborne with the A350 Reg. F-WXWB (CN001)
* 2014 DL’s aircraft will still be underscheduled within the alliance
* 2013 IATA expects a positive *2014* pax aswell as cargo

A. Arriëns
—> Next time you fly an Airbus A320, ask the pilot if it was “Made in China”.

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