If you can’t beat it, improve it! Going Bio on the plastic

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) announced on 29 OCT 19 that it is starting to switch to M&G Packaging’s BioNatur™ plastic for most of the plastics it uses during cargo handling
operations. The ground handler sees itself as a pioneer in the air cargo industry, given that it is the first large air cargo company to adopt a more eco-friendly stance in this regard.

The air cargo industry without plastic, is like…?
Imagine sixty-four 747-8 freighters parked up next to each other. That is the weight equivalent of single-use plastic that the air cargo industry as a whole uses in a single year. Walk into any
warehouse and you will see pallets being generously wrapped in plastic prior to being netted – and plastic is certainly an excellent invention and a necessity, given some of the weather
conditions those pallets are exposed to as they wait on the ramp or outside the warehouse.
Yet, where does that plastic go at the end of the pallet’s journey? If you are imagining that it gets recycled, think again. Of all plastics in the world, less than 10% gets recycled, and when it
comes to air cargo plastic sheets, none of it does. Possibly some of it gets incinerated, though more likely it ends up in landfill. Plastics in landfill can take between 500-1000 years to
degrade, and that plastic does the opposite of enriching the earth it lies in, goes without saying.

WFS takes measures to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste
WFS takes measures to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste


A significant milestone in WFS’ global sustainability programme
Counting over 270 airlines as customers and serving them at 180 major airports in 22 countries on 5 continents, WFS claims to be the world’s largest air cargo handler and a leading ground
handling and technical services provider, so any process improvements with regard to environmental issues, will have a significant positive impact in the industry. In the recent press statement,
Mike Simpson, WFS Executive Vice President for the Americas, proudly announced “Worldwide Flight Services is excited to be the first major customer of these environmentally-friendly products
in the air cargo industry,”
pointing out that “WFS uses the equivalent of more than 27 million plastic water bottles a year in protective plastic sheeting and wrap so with this
commitment we can make a significant contribution to the environment. We are thrilled to finally have a product that ensures this plastic will not languish in a landfill for decades.”

President Charles Rick of M&G Packaging - courtesy, facebook
President Charles Rick of M&G Packaging – courtesy, facebook

What is so great about BioNatur™ Plastics?
For a start, BioNatur™ plastics only take up to 5 years to degrade in landfill and do this without leaving the usual toxic residues. M&G Packaging’s new line of sustainable products
manufactured using a blend of resins and a natural, plant-based biopolymer, is the most sustainable plastic option available. Not only are they highly biodegradable in a landfill environment,
they significantly reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation, have a long shelf life, and are stronger and more puncture-resistant than polyethylene plastic.
According to M&G president, Charles Rick, “M&G Packaging has always been a leader in developing ‘green’ products that the air cargo industry need. We’re proud to be the supplier
chosen by WFS to help further its sustainability programme. It is taking the lead on this initiative to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.”

Check out M&G Packaging’s BioNatur™ at the TIACA in Budapest next month
M&G Packaging is a global company with more than 60 years’ experience in providing the airfreight community with a wide array of packaging, shipping and TSA screening products. It has a keen
interest in providing biodegradable and eco-friendly products and has established itself as a leader in sustainable packaging. In fact, with its “BioNatur™ Plastics for the Air Cargo Industry:
100% landfill-biodegradable plastic and stretch wrap to reduce single-use plastic in air cargo” entry, M&G Packaging is one of the three finalists nominated for TIACA’s first ever Air Cargo
Sustainability Award, and in line to win funding of USD 15,000 (first prize) or USD 3,500 as a runner-up. The winner will be announced during the TIACA Executive Summit 2019 Gala Evening on 20
NOV 2019.
If you believe your company has a positive story to tell when it comes to sustainability, then get in touch with CFG either at the BUD TIACA in person, or via

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