Innovative solution for handling claims and incidents

Lack of oversight, inadequate monitoring or unnecessary time lost; handling claims and cargo incidents is more of a burden than a blessing for many businesses. CargoHub offers the cargo industry an innovative solution to deal with claims and cargo incidents between chain parties within one platform.

Every business has claims and incidents to deal with in transportation and handling of goods. But in many companies, such processes are neglected; as a consequence, claims and incidents are not always properly monitored and followed up. An overview of the process with its improvement actions is lacking, and at the moment, a relatively long time is required to investigate an incident. This goes hand in hand with unnecessary administrative actions. Settlement of claims is delayed and customer relationships can be jeopardised.

CargoHub offers all parties involved in supply chain the opportunity to handle claims and incidents within one platform.  Advanced software offers all tools necessary to manage these processes efficiently.  Participants can instantly enjoy a comfortable work environment.  The platform will provide continual updates via the input from users and experts. Businesses do not have to invest in development themselves, the cost of usage is low, and the software can be accessed in the ‘cloud’ 24/7.

Reduce costs,  improve quality of services and build stronger customer relationships

Airlines, forwarders, ground handlers and other chain parties can exchange information efficiently with each other within the  cargohub platform. This prevents double data input and makes communication simpler and clearer. Available software allows all involved parties to analyse incidents and to follow them up into a complete file. This makes it possible to structurally work on quality improvement, from the very beginning of the process, rather than dealing with incidents afterwards. Gathering information after an incident is time-consuming and means an unnecessary delay in handling a claim. The developed platform means that there is a considerable improvement of quality, efficiency, and at the same time, decrease in operational costs.  Files are securely stored in digital format and are accessible at any moment, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

An integrated chain solution, an advantage for the total cargo product.

CargoHub offers airlines an affordable solution to manage claims, efficiently and professionally, on a station level as well as on a global level. The process overview, with corresponding risks and actions that are to be taken, means everything is arranged in one go for airlines, and improves service towards the customers. Participating forwarders have an excellent overview of pending claims within the platform. Documents are saved in digital format and there is access to the advanced software to manage the relevant part of the process. Freight forwarders can also release part of the claim data to the shipper or the consignee, so that this party also has insight in the status of the claim. It means the advantage of an integrated solution (based on the industry standard) extends through the whole chain and improves the quality of the total cargo product.

Airlines and general sales agents can participate in the 1st pilot phase of our product launch free of charge.  In the 2nd phase in January 2014 our services will be available for freight forwarders and other chain parties. Contact us, obligation-free :

Rob Hartnack

Beechavenue 54 – 80
1119 PW  Schiphol

Claims Management Made Simple from Cargohub on Vimeo.

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