Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook

PART 3: Notes from the 32nd ULD CARE conference in Montréal, Canada

Day Three’s first panel discussion looked at priorities for the next 12 months and beyond, with very varied input – from positive developments in training and standardization (ULD CARE
Code Of Conduct being adopted by more and more companies), to skepticism at sharing data in IT systems and the consequences this could bring – balanced against the major improvements in
pinpointing problem areas that big data analysis can help to push, and all the way back to the core problem since the start of the initiative – that ULDs are getting damaged through negligent,
untrained staff.

The Directors’ Panel followed afterwards, where opinions were shared as to how the conference went, what will be established for next time, and what the focus points are on Board level. “It’s all
about engagement! Please send your ideas in!” With that, delegates were encouraged to fill out the feedback form and to state who and what they want to see on the agenda for next year.
Whatever the topics, one thing is clear – everyone benefits from the networking possibilities – even to the point of saving a business in the last minute, as Greg Feeney from Atlas Air related to
the audience during one of the panel discussions. Had it not been for a delegate he had met at a previous ULD CARE conference, he would never have located enough pallets for his CAS shipments!

Many functions, one hat: The ULD CARE family-  Image: Thierry du Bois
Many functions, one hat: The ULD CARE family- Image: Thierry du Bois


Family members share the bill
Since ULD CARE is a not-for-profit organization run mainly by volunteers passionate about proper ULD handling, the IULDUG system, and training, the conference relies on sponsors for coffee
breaks, lunches and the farewell dinner. And those sponsors are very forthcoming – naturally, they are also given an agenda slot to present their company at the conference. What is also
sponsored, is the “spousal program” for any real family members that delegates bring along. This is an integral part of the ULD CARE Annual Conference and is open not only to spouses or partners,
but also children. Whilst delegates attend the conference, family members get to see the sights with ULD CARE guides.

Interested in becoming part of the family?
As it stands, the conference is free to all members of ULD CARE and employing IULDUG in their company. Given the benefits of the ULD interline tracking system which has been around for 48 years
and is a stable, much-recommended IT tool for greater ULD movement transparency, membership is a small price to pay for the benefit of meeting with all ULD stakeholders each year and staying
abreast of industry developments. Not only is ULD CARE open to welcoming new members, there are also Board positions opening up shortly which can be applied for.. Check out https://www.uldcare.com/membership/ and contact https://www.uldcare.com/contact-us/ for more details.

Outlook for 2020
Keep September 2020 free! The dates are yet to be published, but a tentative venue is already selected: the 33rd ULD CARE Annual Conference is likely due to take place in Vienna, Austria,
alongside and interactive with ACH (Air Cargo Handling) – and CFG will again attend and report.

Brigitte Gledhill

Source: Cargoforwarder

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