Puppy tragedy on board of Ukraine International B767

Following a raiders’ attack on ground handler Swissport initiated by the management of Ukraine International and supported by corrupt Ukrainian judges in 2013, the carrier raised protest,
forcing passengers to pay an additional Distribution Cost Charge of US$9.00 per flight.

Now, in its latest scandal, the carrier has violated internationally valid rules for the transport of animals, resulting in the death of a large number of puppies on a flight to

After the landing of Ukraine Airlines flight PS 1241 in Toronto, Canada, on 13JUN20, a shocking picture greeted the local ground handling personnel: in a consignment of 500 juvenile dogs, among
them 200 French bulldogs, they found 38 puppies lying dead in their cages, stowed in the cargo hold of the aircraft.
The French bulldogs that had died of suffocation, had been raised in the Ukraine and flown from Kiev Boryspol Airport to Pearson International, to be sold by pet shops in the Metropolitan Region
of the Canadian metropolis.

38 Ukraine raised French bulldogs suffocated on board a B767 of Ukraine International on way to Toronto  -  courtesy of WTFrenchie
38 Ukraine raised French bulldogs suffocated on board a B767 of Ukraine International on way to Toronto – courtesy of WTFrenchie


Untenable transport conditions
According to investigators, the temperature at the time of loading in Kiev was over 30° C, and the puppies were stowed in crates placed on top of each other, some of these even encased in
plastic. A number of the smaller crates contained two puppies instead of one, preventing the animals from turning around or being able to lie in a natural position during transportation. A
flagrant violation of animal transport regulations.
In a statement, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said that their officials are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident and will determine next steps once the
investigation is complete. Canada has rigorous standards for animal imports in order to protect native species from the introduction of serious diseases. “In cases of violations, monetary
penalties may be applied, or legal actions may be pursued,
” the CFIA emphasizes. 

Flourishing business
The worldwide business in dog puppies has been flourishing for some time. Breeders from Eastern Europe, especially Romania, in addition to the Ukraine, are forcibly fueling the demand for young
dogs in Western Europe and North America through aggressive advertising and emotional appeals to people’s pet-loving instincts.   
Last Friday, Ukraine International offered their condolences for the death of the puppies on their flight. “UIA is working with local authorities to determine what happened and make any
changes necessary to prevent such a situation from occurring again,
” a statement reads. Meanwhile, the carrier has temporarily embargoed the transport of live animals on board their Boeing
767s “until further notification.

Heiner Siegmund


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