Riege Software’s Scope wins Lufthansa Cargo tender for Customs Declarations IT solution

Like attracts like, so when a Germany-based, quality cargo airline decides to redesign its customs processes, it naturally seeks similar values in the tendering software providers. Riege
Software came out on top in competition against a number of other well-known companies.

“In view of the large volumes that we handle in Germany and worldwide, we need a strong IT partner. A powerful and reliable interface to the customs authorities via continuously enhanced
software with fast adaptation of short-term changes is crucial for us and our customers”
, said Michael Reisenberg, Head of Application Development – Cargo Handling, Customs &
Connectivity at Lufthansa Cargo.
The vast majority of the company’s 2.7 billion euros turnover passes through its main hub in Frankfurt, so the cargo airline was looking for a solution to handling the German ATLAS customs
procedures SumA and NCTS, As Lufthansa Cargo also sells Austrian Airlines’ belly space, Austria’s NCTS Out procedure was included in the project specification. The requirements were an IT company
that would enter into a long-term partnership and provide a technically sustainable system.
Riege’s Scope product designed to cover digital logistics fitted the bill, and the company implemented Lufthansa Cargo’s requirements over the space of just 4 months. It was a work-intensive
project headed by Dirk Heidenfelder, Product Manager Customs at Riege Software, and Holger Merk, Team Leader Customs Development. The software provides automated clearance of the summary
declaration (SumA) and re-exports by taking IATA messages and converting them into a standardized format. IATA messages also trigger the transit procedure and are then supplemented manually.
“There is still room for further automation of the processes”, according to Dirk Heidenfelder, while Holger Merk is confident: “We are prepared for this. Scope has considerable
potential to provide users with even more comprehensive support in the control and post-processing processes.”

Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F with new Livery (Photo by Ralf Kopetzky/Lufthansa Cargo)
Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F with new Livery (Photo by Ralf Kopetzky/Lufthansa Cargo)


Designing the solution is one part of the service – training staff is the other
“The strength of our product lies not least in the qualification of the people who develop, permanently improve and expand it – and accompany customers in an advisory and problem-solving way.
Anyone who relies on Scope can also rely on the support”, said Dr. Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software, “just as we could rely on the cooperation of those involved at Lufthansa Cargo. My special
thanks go to the entire Lufthansa Cargo team, both in the stations and in the central departments, for their fantastic support throughout the entire project phase.”

The project implementation included coaching during the go-live phase, as well as reliable support offered to the 800-plus Scope users in the German locations Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne,
Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Paderborn, as well as around 20 in Vienna, Austria. With other providers this kind of service is usually provided as an add-on, however Riege
offers it as a functionality within Scope.
“The speedy implementation of the project was very important for us. In addition to the always highly professional cooperation, the positive team spirit also contributed to the success, which
further increased the common motivation”
, Oliver Schatz, Head of Global Handling Processes and responsible for Customs at Lufthansa Cargo, stated.

Riege Software looks back on almost 35 years of IT expertise
Founded in 1985, Riege Software is amongst IT leaders today when it comes to cloud-based software solutions and services for the logistics industry. The privately-owned and managed company today
totals over 550 customers worldwide, numbering 6,000-plus users in 41 countries. Whilst its Headquarters are in Germany, it also has 6 branch locations in Europe, Asia and North America.
Scope is the company’s brand for its digital solution for freight forwarding and Customs, enabling greater efficiency in logistical processes and procedures. Not only does it allow cross-system
collaboration and network building through integrating external ERP/WMS and intelligent applications, but it also improves quality and increases productivity. This leads to benefits all round:
cost reduction and revenue improvement, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Brigitte Gledhill

Source: Cargoforwarder

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