SASI and Aero Bureau build consultancy “boutique”

Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI) and Russian Aero Bureau Consulting have entered into a strategic alliance to promote their combined global expertise. By concluding a
Framework Memorandum of Cooperation, both companies agreed to jointly provide consultancy services to players engaged in aviation matters.

The two protagonists who have now brokered the deal are well-known names in the aviation and cargo industry. Stan Wraight (pictured left) led freight carrier AirBridgeCargo for several years
after its founding in 2004 and defined the airline’s overall business strategy, while Oleg Demidov’s role (shown right, photo: CFG/hs) was that of Deputy Director, External Relations, at the
Volga-Dnepr Group of airlines, including ABC. Demidov exited the company last fall to pursue his own business and founded Moscow-based consulting agency Aero Bureau, as CFG reported in October:


Two heads are better than one
In other words: two industrial champions have decided to combine their competencies and market their knowledge and skills to the benefit of the industry.
Their cooperation is based on an old Russian saying: “One head is good, but two are far better!”
Asked about the service offering, Stan Wraight stated: “The skill sets of both companies, combined as we envisage them, should cover all demands from government authorities, airports,
logistics companies, and airlines.”

The SASI executive further explains: “We plan to offer our training modules in the Russian language, and the fact that our VP Training and Learning, Lilian Tan, is based in Moscow will assist
greatly in this.”

Filling a gap
Both managers are convinced that there is high market demand for tailored consultancy services, particularly in the Russian aviation sector and the neighboring CIS states.
Their combined service portfolio ranges from “providing assistance in the understanding and implementation of aviation rules and regulations, offering potential customers facility and route
development expertise, informing them about current traffic rights issues as well as the latest product developments such as e-Commerce and pharmaceuticals,”
illustrates Mr. Demidov.
His partner, Stanley Wraight, adds to this: “With Oleg and his team on board, we will fill the gap which we had in Russia and the CIS. This will give our mutual customers more options and a
broader view of any implications in dealing with the air cargo industry.”

Services are based on broad experience
The competitive environment both partners act in is cut-throat, because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of specialists out there providing aviation consultancy services. This raises the
question of what SASI’s and Aero Bureau’s USP is.
Stan Wraight: “As the person who built the entire business case of AirBridgeCargo and was its founding VP, and Oleg’s extensive work with airline route development and traffic rights issues,
we feel as a “boutique” consultant, able to provide expertise not available from bigger companies who rely on research whereas we deliver services based on experience.”

He assures that SASI and Aero Bureau do not produce reams of documents that end up in a desk drawer, but instead work closely with their mutual clients to achieve the promised results.

Heiner Siegmund

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