Take Steps to Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint with Greener Training Solutions

AirportCollege, strategic IATA partner, already offers a wide range of online training courses for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics service providers. It is now
going one step further to help its clients reduce carbon emissions and has kicked off the Zero Emission Training (ZET) initiative.

“The carbon footprint of air travel accounts for 4 – 9% of the total climate change impact of human activity. While airlines are increasingly committed to improving the eco-efficiency of
their operations, we at AirportCollege, are doing our share to make the industry greener.”

AirportCollege’s CEO, Pertti Mero, has set an ambitious goal by focusing on zero emissions. Already today, he is convinced that the college’s online training courses enable clients to reduce
their training-related carbon emissions by more than 90%.

Image courtesy of AirportCollege website
Image courtesy of AirportCollege website


Seeking the 0% solution
In line with its Environmental Policy, AirportCollege has now launched a study to investigate the environmental impact of training and how digital solutions can further help reduce the carbon
footprint in training development and implementation. The aim is to develop concrete tools for analysis and decision-making based on the carbon footprint of the various training scenarios
available. If all airlines, handlers and other logistics service providers pull together and act CO² aware when it comes to training, this will contribute significantly to cleaner global
environment. More details on the ZET initiative will be shared in the coming months.

Positive side-effects of online training
eLearning is not just more environmentally friendly, but also highly flexible, enabling easier scheduling, larger class numbers and ultimately a reduction in overall time and expenditure. More
information can be found on www.airportcollege.com

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