Value Cargo Logistics’ To-Do List

A glance at the local trade register reveals that the Leipzig-based company, founded in 2013, has not yet been active. Cash in hand has declined from €25,000 in 2013 to €21.400 three
years after. Operational actions are not recorded.


Not really surprising since a German Air Operator Certificate is still missing, although it has been requested.
In contrast to the dormant status, the list of tasks mentioned in the trade register is quite impressive.



Here are main items:

  • The Company intends to market, organize, execute and support chartered air transports, principally with Antonov-124-100, IL-76VD-90TD, Boeing 747, Boeing 737 and other types of aircraft.
  • Value Cargo Logistics may act as an agent for persons or companies, as well as appoint agents and subcontractors and act through them in all areas of their business.
  • The Company may charter or sub-charter aircraft in order to fulfill contracts.
  • The Company may provide all types of services to national and international air carriers, as far as approved by the authorities.
  • It has the right to purchase or otherwise acquire any or all of its business (in whole or in part), assets (including securities), bonds and funds of any person, company or corporation.
  • The Company is permitted to engage in all activities which directly or indirectly support the achievement of the Company’s main business purpose.
  • Branches may be established or interests in other organizations may be acquired.
  • In connection with its activity, the Company may build, buy, rent, lease and otherwise dispose of movables and real estate in its power of disposal.

Surely an impressive list of To-Dos, but the question remains as to how any or all of this can be accomplished failing a valid German AOC.

Heiner Siegmund


Source: Cargoforwarder

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