Airbus is taking wing on Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability and greener skies, Airbus puts its money where its mouth is – and recently transitioned from the German Stock Exchange’s MDAX to its new DAX40 premium
index, testimony to its industrial significance. Showcasing its “Wing

Strauss withdraws resignation

Stunning news from Amerijet: Last week, the carrier announced the exit of its helmsman Tim Strauss, only to retract the information a few days later. Reasons for this surprising U-turn
were not delivered, puzzling staff and customers alike.

Meanwhile, the

Cargo “Lighthouse Project” is kicked off

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, based in Dortmund, Germany, has started a scientific program aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of the air cargo
transport chain by developing cross-industry digital solutions and communication channels based on

Riege Software introduces digital library

The 1985 established provider of cloud-based software solutions for the air freight and logistics industry has developed a freely accessible data transformation tool called cONEverter.
IATA intends to make it a permanent component of the organization’s future ONE Record API.