The global pressure to eliminate paper from the cargo process and to push digital transformation has increasds especially during the pandemic . The industry needs to modernize and optimize the air cargo supply chain visibility and efficiency. Every carrier, handler and forwarder is caught up in dealing with claims and complaints which are inevitable when moving delicate and time sensitive goods around the world.

The effects of Covid 19 have intensified the need for greater efficiency and digitalization to meet customer service requests at a professional level. Any airline’s reputation can be easily damaged by a poorly organized claim process, causing distress to customers. When it comes to dealing with cargo claims and loss prevention(CCLP), many operators still rely on traditional paper based, labour intensive methods.

According to several operators, the Cargo Claims Platform, has eliminated many of the more cumbersome aspects of cargo claims by offering a digital web based platform that allows shipper and forwarder clients to submit claims to any carrier, using one single platform accessible 24/7 at any time from any place. This  IATA Cargo Innovation Awarded platform has been developed by CargoHub BV, based in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

The first Cargo Claims platform customer, Saudia Cargo, transformed  paper based process to a digital environment with positive results. Director of customer excellence, Salem Alguthmi states “The platform enabled Saudi Cargo speed up the process which resulted in a reduced claim recovery cycle of 25% and supports the digital transformation and standardization on Cargo Claims and Loss prevention within the industry. By this simplified the claims process, we are continuously improving the quality of our services.”

Oliwia Maraszek, cargo specialist of LOT Cargo, comments: “  the claims process and the communication between the customer and the carrier has become simple and fast. The system improves the quality of the claims process and reduces waiting time for a decision, which creates prestige for the airline.”

Improving the quality of service and reducing the claim handling time are the main benefits for Airbridgecargo. states Marina Verbykh, claims handling manager reports. “The system is useful for all parties in the claims process and allows storage and access of all information and documents, enabling tracking history of the claims for both airlines and claimants. The company uses the system throughout the network which allows us to unify the process of considering claims in accordance with IATA standards. It allows us to significantly reduce time for consideration of claims and claimants have access to the claims registration system and contract status, thus improving the quality of customer service and reducing the risk of court action, at reduced cost.

Dave Suhajda claims administrator of Polar Air Cargo and Atlas Air adds “we are also able to use the data to create specialized reports with respect to customers, origins, destinations, commodities and keep track of our claim handling performance. The platform enables us to instantly determine our financial exposure based on the weight involved in the claim and automatically calculates all claims into dollars”

Raoul Paul, CEO of CargoHub states “ Our forward thinking airline customers are pursuing a variety of new technologies to improve the quality of the air cargo product and their services. As the ground operation plays a crucial role in loss prevention management for airlines we have added an integrated digital loss prevention solution for ground handlers simplifying the incident reporting process to airlines. This enables airlines to undertake immediate services recovery actions and to automatically update potential claim records.

Our mission is to standardize and simplify the cargo claims process enabling our customers to reduce operational costs and to increase the quality of their services. We always offer a free of charge quick scan to identify opportunities for improvements to any potential new members who are interested to join our mission.”



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