AMS merges cargo, aviation divisions; van Stekelenburg to step down

As of April 1st, Schiphol Airport’s Cargo Division will be merged into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s (AMS) Aviation and Marketing Department, which raised questions about the hub’s future commitment to attracting main-deck freighter traffic.

Jonas van Stekelenburg, who led the Schiphol Cargo department for nearly three years, says the move will put “cargo at the heart of our airport,” in a Feb. 21 statement. However, once the merge is completed, van Stekelenburg will leave the company this summer. In his place, Maaike van der Windt, who joined AMS’ marketing department last year, will take the lead of the newly-merged department.“We recognize the importance of belly capacity beside full freight capacity and aligning cargo with passenger network and business development ensures we optimize opportunities,” said van der Windt. However, the change in AMS’ internal structure may be an indicator that the hub is moving away from doing business with freighters, in favor of the prettier sister, combination carriers, which struggle less to meet the 80:20 rule, a ratio imposed by IATA dictating that carriers and freighters conducting business at AMS must utilize their slots 80 percent of the time, or face forfeiting its slots to be better utilized.Read more…

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