Aviation Messaging in the Web-Era: Faster, Cheaper, Individually Secured

The air transport industry is growing, still using legacy infrastructure. Cost can be reduced with latest webbased technologies while service features will increase.

Cross-Industry Collaboration
The air transport industry (ATI) is a complex industry where no company has a complete end-to-end delivery system. The requirement to closely collaborate with business partners globally creates a need for exchanges about flights, loads, maintenance, etc. This communication needs to be standardised, flexible, and machine-automated for instant processing and reduced operational cost.

The basis for inter-company communication has been IATA Type B airline messaging since the 1960s. This technology offers a simple protocol that is used and accepted globally. It offers a wide range of standardised message formats – from seat bookings to load sheets, manifests and cargo air waybills.

This messaging is used to exchange information about shared processes across the ATI; it is used to coordinate the overall journey of passengers or cargo from its booking to the arrival at destination airport.

Accelerated Growth of the Industry
Passenger traffic has grown 69% over the last 10 years. In the same period cargo traffic increased by more than 45%. IATA is forecasting an annual growth rate for passengers over the next decade of more than 4%; for cargo the estimate is 4,4% p.a. over 5 years. Equally, in the preceding 10 years messaging traffic has grown by around 200%.

Messaging Creates Efficiencies
Messaging traffic is set to continue its steep growth path due to more diverse business models in the ATI. The increase in messaging results from supporting the creation of value for the airlines. It allows for increased coordination, reducing handling and turn-around times while allowing sell more and accurately adjust prices to the demand curve.

The successful communication about flights, passengers, and cargo allows industry participants to continuously increase efficiencies and security when business partners and authorities share data.


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