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ULD optimisation within the air cargo chain

Anand Bihari was Regional ULD Coordinator at AirBridgeCargo Airlines until the end of 2020. He was responsible for, amongst other things, the flow of ULDs within Europe and he had to ensure that the correct ULD type was in the …

UK ports suffering post-Brexit container logjams

UK terminals are struggling to clear an excess of containers – Container xChange’s Container Availability Index (CAx)

Container xChange – 8 March, 2021

Post-Brexit trade disruption and ongoing congestion are causing critical build-ups of containers at UK ports, according to …

Time Critical Solutions Worldwide is ready for crucial shipments

Time Critical Solutions Worldwide (TCS) has started their operations effective February 1st. This neutral and independent company, founded by Sander van Woesik offers premium time-critical services to freight forwarders around the globe.

TCS is a Dutch company, based at Schiphol …