Data corridor makes the chain more efficient and faster

First step towards a digital network for air cargo

Cargonaut has been working hard these last few months on a first data corridor between two international airports: Schiphol and Mumbai Airport. The data sharing system iSHARE ensures the trust necessary between chain partners, while the new IATA data model One Record facilitates the correct transfer of data. Nanne Onland and Luc Scheidel of Cargonaut see this data corridor as being the first step towards an entirely digital network of port community systems. Onland: “If we can re-use data the whole air cargo chain becomes more efficient, cheaper and faster.”

Data corridors form a crucial element in a greater vision for the future of the air cargo sector. A port community system, such as Cargonaut, connects forwarders, airlines, handling agents and customs agents with each other. “But we can also connect all the port community systems with each other. Thus forming a ‘network of trusted networks’. Data corridors form the connections in that network”, Nanne Onland, General Director of Cargonaut says.

Read the full article in Cargo Magazine on page 44

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