e-AWB Workshop Organized in Cooperation with UTIKAD and Turkish Cargo

e-AWB information workshop was organized on May 24, 2017 by UTIKAD (Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers) at the building of Turkish Cargo under the leadership of IATA to increase e-AWB rates of agents.






Information on e-AWB application, which has been launched recently in air cargo industry to accelerate the productivity and documentation processes in air cargo transportation, has been provided during the workshop.

Starting with the keynote speech of Mr. Cavit Ugur, General Manager of UTIKAD, presentations have been delivered to the participants regarding the course of e-AWB process by Mr. Okan Ogur, Manager Campaigns, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Mr. Asim Subasi, AWB Data Quality Supervisor at Turkish Cargo, Ms. Turkan Atici, Software Updating Supervisor at Mars Hava ve Deniz Kargo Tasimaciligi A.S.

At the closing session of the workshop, the questions of UTIKAD member air cargo agents, who have not started to use e-AWB application yet, and who have just started to use e-AWB application, and who need support in e-AWB application, have been replied by the representatives of ACC, and officials of IATA and Turkish Cargo.

Source: THY

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