FINNAIR Cargo to use new cool terminal as springboard

With Finnair’s new COOL Nordic cargo terminal now fully operational, the carrier is looking forward to the next step of its commitment to create more value for customers.

Finnair Cargo commenced partial operations at the 31,000-square-metre facility’s temperature-controlled area for perishable shipments in October 2017, leaving the general cargo area and dedicated pharmaceuticals section to begin operations in January 2018.

The launch of operations had originally been scheduled for May or June 2017, but was postponed because Finnair found that it was facing more issues than expected after it upgraded its cargo management system in December 2016, and needed additional time to perform more tests – 4,253, to be exact.

“The problem wasn’t to do with the system itself as much as with the data quality,” said Janne Tarvainen, managing director of Finnair Cargo, during an interview at the China Air Cargo Summit in Tianjin. “I think that’s the biggest bottleneck to the success of this industry. As an example, for our FWB messages in December 2016, 50% were right but with the other 50% there was something that needed to be rectified. We had a lot of data mismatches. Modern systems are such that they require good processes in place and high-quality data. Otherwise it’s just garbage in and garbage out. There’s no point.”

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