The future of attracting and retaining top talent in the Cargo industry

Our marketplace is changing quickly. Not only is this driven by the ever-changing demands, the new generations that are entering the workforce and also the market but also by globalization. It also means that we will see a change in our talent landscape and how we will continue to keep our employees engaged. Traditionally, the cargo industry has not had any problems attracting passionate employees that are willing and eager to grow with a company, but times are changing. Not only is technology and a lean organization becoming more important, but also giving employees the room to experiment, bring in their ideas and be heard are crucial to attracting and retaining top talent. Today, our workforce is already made up of 35% of emerging leaders and is forecasted to rise to 48% by 2020. The numbers show clearly that our organizational cultures are bound to change. Statistically, 72 % of the emerging leaders are looking for an overseas assignment which is not only significantly more than any other previous generation but also a great opportunity for our globally operating industry.

So what does this exactly mean for our organizations and us? How can you adjust your organization to attract and retain top talent in the future? Here are four things to consider to start already preparing your team today for the changes that are coming tomorrow:

1. Personal Development – is more important than ever. The next generation of leaders is looking to have not only a good work-life balance but also career progression and personal development. They appreciate ongoing feedback paired with continuous leadership development paired with attaining sound technical knowledge

2. Technology – 41% of the Millennial workforce prefer to communicate electronically and use advanced technology in the workplace. The cargo industry has done a lot of work developing technology over the past few years. How can you also continue this development in your organization?

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