LATAM Cargo improves its PHARMA product and offers new alternatives from Europe to Latin America

A year after the launch of its new brand and product portfolio, LATAM Cargo continues to work to consolidate itself as one of the best alternatives when it comes to transporting cargo from, to and between Latin America. This is thanks to the extensive coverage of its network, which covers 139 destinations in 29 countries – of which 10 are exclusively cargo – and the different service alternatives it makes available to its customers.




Following the launch of the portfolio, one of the products that has been most accepted in Europe has been PHARMA; specially designed for the transport of pharmaceutical goods, in 2016 registered 3,689 transported tons, of which 2,685 were from Europe to Latin America. “Although at a percentage level it is still a small figure (between 1 and 2% of the tons the company transported last year), it is one of the niches that shows the highest growth rates and is one of our main focus at the level of products”, ensures Guido Henke, Director of LATAM Cargo in Europe.

The importance of the PHARMA product for LATAM Cargo is that, throughout 2016, the company was working to obtain the CEIV certification, an acknowledgment given to them by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), within the Air Cargo Europe fair, held in Munich between May 9th and 12th, becoming the first airline company in America to obtain it. 

This CEIV Certification is a key milestone in the continuous improvement of our PHARMA product and consequentially for our global product portfolio. In Europe, we started the implementation of our PHARMA product over two years ago and have been focused on expanding it to different origin stations since then. In 2016, we moved 2,685 tons from Europe to Latin America with this product. This certification confirms our professional work and encourages us to continue with the same dedication on the expansion of this product out of Europe into South America”, Guido Henke, Director LATAM Cargo Europe.

Recently the company enabled the PHARMA service on the routes that already operated daily from Barcelona and Milan to Guarulhos, one of the destinations most demanded by the European market. These are added to Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Brussels. In addition, in order to further improve the alternatives for customers transporting PHARMA from Europe to Latin America, in early April LATAM Cargo launched a new route. Twice a month, a B777F cargo aircraft operates from Amsterdam to Brasilia.

Within its product portfolio, LATAM Cargo has three services: STANDARD, EXPRESS and FLEX, being the latter having the best acceptance by customers. This responds to a need for optimization; on the one hand, customers can optimize their chain by defining their shipping priorities in relation to the time and price offered by the service, while the airline company chooses the different routing alternatives to improve its load factors and balance its network. “In Europe, our FLEX product has managed to meet a need in the industry, allowing shippers to access better air fares, subject to alternative time to reach destination” explains Henke.

During 2017, LATAM Cargo will continue to work on actions aimed at meeting the needs of its customers, supporting them closely, providing them with timely information and effectively solving any inconveniences, while strengthening their product portfolio and strengthening their connectivity.

Source: Latam

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