NTCB: Safer air transport through training and by working together

What began over 10 years ago as a training company for security guards at Schiphol has grown to be the largest ‘security trainer’ as per the guidelines of the National Training Program Civil Aviation Security (NOBB). We can most certainly say that the National Training Centre for Civil Aviation (NTCB) has experienced turbulent developments since the company began in 2006. Cargo Magazine spoke with the NTCB team and had the opportunity to gain an insight into their fascinating practical training.

Combination of passengers and cargo Martijn van ‘t Veer, who, together with Bas van Geem, heads up management, recalls the early days of NTCB. “We are all aware that the world changed for good in 2001 with the attacks in the U.S. Airport security became a topical issue and training for security personnel took off rapidly. NTCB began by instructing and training security guards employed at our national airport. We work very losely with Robert de Bos. His company Marfik provides, amongst other things, cargo security courses. Given our expertise on the passenger side,
we found we were receiving increasingly more requests from customers seeking us to develop and give cargo courses. The changing legislation NTCB: Safer air transport through training and by
working together saw the demand for cargo courses increase dramatically.”

Air Cargo Security Advisor (BAL) seminar “Security in the cargo industry had really always taken ‘a back seat’,” Bas adds. “Often cargo companies do not have a dedicated Air Cargo Security Advisor (BAL). One of the personnel might perhaps do it as an add-on to their normal duties or otherwise it might be completely outsourced to another company. Luckily the topic of security now has higher priority within business activities. People are now much better informed on the law and regulations than a few years ago.”

‘We give the world ‘a
sense of security’

On 18 October a long-cherished wish will be fulfilled. The first BAL seminar will take place. It is a ‘knowledge’ day on the subject of air cargo security. Martijn: “Specific knowledge days are organised for many subjects and target groups but not for air cargo”. With the arrival of Ronald Havik, Senior Instructor specialising in cargo, this wish turned into a concrete plan resulting in the October seminar open to everyone involved with air cargo security.

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