Unique Air Cargo Truck Management Platform Ready For Testing

Many chain partners are involved in the international road transport of air cargo. The speed of transport is essential and therefore communication between the parties – hauliers, handling agents and airline companies – must be optimally aligned with each other. For this reason, CargoHub BV has developed a unique solution that is now ready for the test phase. Rob Hartnack explains the many benefits the platform offers.

Good liaison between hauliers, handling agents and airline companies is essential for the transfer period of a transit shipment to be reduced to a minimum. Close coordination calls for an integral process approach. Rob Hartnack: “In order for each individual party to be provided with correct information, they must be able to exchange information between themselves. And, in order for the haulier, handling agent and the airline company to be able to monitor the transit process in real time, data access must be possible. The monitoring function allows parties to optimally align their processes enabling them to react quickly.”

Benefits for the haulier

In this new and unique truck management platform hauliers can send truck orders to the handling agent. They can then not only communicate the requested slot time but also share information on the amount of freight or advise whether it is a combination or full truckload. Hartnack: “All the information is saved within one account for the haulier. From there overviews are available allowing the complete process to be monitored with relation to arrival, loading and departure moments. All underlying documentation is saved digitally within that account.

Time stamps: expected, arrived, loading, departed


Benefits for the handling agent

Hartnack explains that the handling agent can automatically confirm the receipt of the truck order. All data relating to the order is clearly shown in a well laid out dashboard. “The handling agent has in this way all the information at his disposal about slot times, quantity and loading method required for the cargo. He can therefore better organise the available door and loading capacity of planned truck bookings. Should irregularities occur, during the loading of a truck, such as insufficient space, he can add this information to the digital file and communicate in real time with customers. The handling agent can deal with customer enquiries, for instance, seeking the reasons as to why cargo had been left behind, quickly and incredibly simply provide their customers with information.”

By means of using a status (expected, arrived, loading or departed) combined with the relevant times, the trucking process between haulier, handling agent and airline becomes completely transparent. The available data can be used to provide overviews in real time allowing planned slot times and available cargo and load capacity to be optimally coordinated.

Monitoring of (Customs) transport

The air cargo truck management platform also allows for linking of information on the status of customs declarations. It gives an automatic overview of both cleared and still outstanding customs declarations. Within the application the handling agent can monitor process and log any necessary further action. All relevant information required to monitor and report (financial) risks are aligned to (Customs) compliance requirements. “Manual tracking on Excel is a thing of the past”, reports Hartnack. “Handling agents, who have access to the platform at the place of destination, can see, in real time, which trucks can be expected.”

‘The monitoring function allows parties to optimally align their processes enabling them to react quickly’

Benefits for the airline

Hartnack advised that relevant truck information can also be made available to airline companies in a protected account. “In this way the airline company may also monitor arrival, loading and departure times of transport movements at the process level. The same applies for the customs files the airline companies need to be kept informed about.” The daily emailing of truck status files is reduced to a minimum due to sharing information in real time. This delivers a huge efficiency improvement for the airlines. For them too, manual Excel sheet overviews are a thing of the past.

Monitoren van truckbewegingen

‘Handling agents, who have access to the platform at the place of destination, can see, in real time, which trucks can be expected’

Flexible connectivity

The possibilities for seamlessly connecting processes within the CargoHub developed platform are considerable. Thanks to the flexible set-up of the platform, customer’s needs can be quickly met. Rob Harnack: “Our available interface makes data exchange possible and the available dashboards make the monitoring of processes via the computer much simpler. The platform’s flexible possibilities for connectivity make it feasible that, within the chain, different stakeholders can achieve significant benefits.”

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