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Jurgen Nobel “Thinking differently about Schiphol”

Aircrafts are parked on the runways. Proud blue birds lined up. Schiphol has fallen into a deafening silence. Which means that the economic motor, our national airport, has come to an intermittent standstill. Thousands of people who worked directly or …

Cargo Magazine summer 2020

Thanks to the support of our industry partners and sponsors Cargo Media proudly presents Cargo Magazine summer edition 2020!

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Jan de Rijk backs data sharing Trucking CDM platform

Air cargo operators are under increasing pressure to reduce costs but achieve faster transit times at European airports, from wheels down to final delivery to customers. This part of the chain is very much in the hands of the road …

Reduced waiting hours with trucking CDM platform

As the air logistics industry struggles back to resume its vital role, there is a greater than ever need to reduce costs and for more transparency and efficiency in all aspects of the supply chain process.

This is especially true